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Where Should Our Next Retouching Retreat Be?

Where Should Our Next Retouching Retreat Be?

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I hosted my first ever retouching retreat 2 years ago, and it was one of the best things I've ever done! Over the course of time people have been asking me if I am going to do another, and the answer is officially yes! 

What is a Retouching Retreat? 

Imagine a beautiful place somewhere around the world for a hand-picked group of like minded creatives to share a space for four days. A place to get away, and still stay productive so we don't miss a beat in our busy lives. We'll unwind and still get ahead.  

The concept of the first ever Retouching Retreat is for photographers, retouchers, and other creatives to work together, have fun together, and inspire each other. We all have our businesses to maintain, and we all want to take a break. It's hard to unwind without getting behind, so this was my opportunity to do it. 

We planned shoots, got work done, educated each other, explored and planned things to see and do, and bonded so closely as lifelong friends over a course of those four days. We all brought something unique to the table, so this is not just a getaway, but an opportunity to advance ourselves as creatives as well. 

We worked till late in the evening and it was basically a glorified work party!

Be a part of our next one!

I am planning our next one, and it will probably be on the west coast (California or Portland) or Europe. I pick people based on who I think will get along well together and what each of us may bring to the table based on what we all are passionate about shooting or retouching! 

The price, date, and location is yet to be determined for future events.

If you'd like to be considered, please fill out the form below! Tell us where you'd like to see it, and if you'd be willing to travel for it if it isn't in your city of choice. 

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Let us know where you'd like to see the next Retouching Retreat either by city, or country.
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What It's Like (In Photos) 

Our first retreat had 5 of us in sunny San Diego and here's a look into what we got up to! We worked a lot, played a lot, 

Thank you to Ellen, Bella, Bassam, Sarah, and Alexandra for being part of our first one!

Travel Schedule - September to December 2018

Travel Schedule - September to December 2018

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