Interview With Gene Bresler: What The World Of Professional Retouching Is Like

Gene Bresler the founder of Catchlight (, a retouching studio/house located in Brooklyn, NYC. Putting it simply, he knows his shit. This podcast on the platform, “The Photo Banter” by Alex Gagne, goes into Gene’s beginnings, what it’s like being a great retoucher (and what makes it different from just having a strong skillset), making serious money, and work with high end brands. 

I Made A New Color Grading Photoshop Tool Called Infinite Color

What if there was something that allowed you to see an infinite amount of ways you could color grade an image? People always know what they don’t want, but figuring out what they like is the hard part. With the sheer amount of possible color variations that an image could lead to, the choices are almost infinite! And in that moment of realization, I came the idea for Infinite Color. It was born out of necessity for me. I was curious to see what it could do to my life and to others.