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Travel Schedule - September to December 2018

Travel Schedule - September to December 2018

There's a lot coming up for the rest of the year, and I wanted to have one spot with all of the details on what's to come for the rest of 2018. This page will be updated as more gets finalized!



Phoenix, AZ – The Portrait Masters
September 4th - 8th

It will be my first time going, and as my Retouching Series platform is a part of the Portrait Masters, I'll be in attendance actually retouching for people during the day! There will be over 20 shooting bays with different instructors and setups. What people create, they can bring to me to retouch through the day. It will be awesome connecting with everyone and seeing so much talent under one resort. 

Portland, OR – Retouching Retreat
September 22nd - 27th

My second retouching retreat, where creatives from all over come together and share a living space for a few days, where we work together and explore together. Work and relax with creatives! Check out the link and fill out the form if you'd like to see another one in any area around the world.


Houston, TX – Phase One Stand Out Tour
October 2nd

This year we're bringing it home, with one of my favorite single day events. We have a lot of people speaking and we'll be doing a workflow demo. It'll be like one big hang out session with so many great people! If you're in Texas, you should come on down. 

Joshua Tree, CA - Promoting Passion with Brooke Shaden
October 4th - 8th

Brooke Shaden has been hosting this for a few years, and this year she invited Bella and I to be a part of her wonderful convention! I can truly tell how passionate people are about this event because it's designed to be so affordable for everyone to come. Because of which, it's sold out and it's going to be awesome!


Chicago, IL – Phase One Stand Out Tour
October 9th

Chicago is one of those places that I always smile thinking about because of how much fun we have each time. This year, we're back with some new company. I mean, you just have to come out if you're in town. It's so much fun. Check out the schedule and seminars in the link!


New York, NY – The Beauty Experience with Tina Eisen
October 24th

Our first beauty event with Tina Eisen in London sold out. So we're bringing it to NY, right before Photo Plus! If you're there, you need to come. Tina's beauty work is epic and after our event, I got to see how people used it in their own work! It translates to fashion and portraits as well and it's great seeing people adapt it. 

New York, NY – Photo Plus
October 25th - 27th

Speaking of which, Photo Plus is the best conference in the US by far and it's great going each year. So much fun is had each time after the conference and seeing all the inspirational presentations. It's a time for people to also catchup with what they've been up to recently. 


Miami, FL – Phase One Stand Out Tour
December 6th

Rounding out the year, is our event in Miami, check out the presentation lineup and what's going on! It's my first event in Miami and I am looking forward to spending time on stage with these awesome people. 

2019: Growing Beyond Retouching In The Photography Industry 

2019: Growing Beyond Retouching In The Photography Industry 

Where Should Our Next Retouching Retreat Be?

Where Should Our Next Retouching Retreat Be?