Update (July 14th): We'll be picking from everyone who submitted this Wednesday evening. We wanted to give people enough time to submit.
The people who get a spot will be listed here once I get approval from everyone, to keep everyone updated

Pack your bags, the next event is here! After posting about our last retouching retreat and how it went (see the photos and details here), we had an overwhelming response to do another one! In the link you can also submit locations for future retreats. 

So our second Retouching Retreat is going to be in beautiful Portland Oregon, from September 23rd to the 27th! My lady Bella Kotak and I want to hang out with you!

What is a Retouching Retreat? It's not just retouching!

Imagine a beautiful place somewhere around the world for a hand-picked group of like minded creatives to share a space for four days. A place to get away, and still stay productive so we don't miss a beat in our busy lives. We'll unwind and still get ahead.  We'll work together, have fun together, explore, shoot, and inspire each other. We usually end up bonding so closely as lifelong friends over a course of those four days, and each experience is unforgettable. We all bring something unique to the table, so this is not just a getaway, but an opportunity to advance ourselves as creatives as well. 

We'll work and enjoy ourselves till late in the evening and it will basically be a glorified work party! So come, learn, unwind, get ahead, and grow with us!

The Space

Here's a look at where we'll be staying. It's the coolest house, nestled right into the heart of Portland, close to amazing restaurants and shops. We'll share our days and late-nights here in between our daily excursions. 

Why Portland?

Retouching Retreats are based in some of my favorite places. Portland is one of my favorite cities for many reasons, including the incredible scenery around the Pacific North-West. It has some of the best food and coffee I've experienced anywhere. Last but not least, it has a wonderful local photographic community and one thing I would love to do is host a local meetup where we can all make new friends. I am looking forward to sharing one of my favorite cities with you, including sights like the beautiful sprawling Japanese Garden that is world-class!


We have 5 beds available for this retreat.
Spots 1 and 2 - $1,250 each - There are 2 rooms with a queen bed.
Spots 3 and 4 - $1,100 each - The top floor (last picture), has 2 queen beds, but it is a shared room. One of them is a Lucid adjustable bed!
Spot 5 - $850 - There is a floor mattress or a twin sofa bed that you can use, it will be placed on the bottom floor. 

The cost includes a place to stay for 5 days, but does not include food or transportation. That's as little as $212 a day
You can also come with someone if you book Spots 1 and 2. If shared, the cost is just $156 a day!

That's not a lot, for quite a lot of fun!

* You will be responsible with transportation to and from the location as well as food costs. It's located close to the airport as well. 


If you'd like to be one of the first people to get a chance to take one of these spots, subscribe below!

Once I see the interest within a few days, I'll personally send invites out to people to start grabbing a spot! 

If you have any questions, e-mail me at solsticeretouch @ gmail . com (spaced out to prevent spam)

I'm so excited to pool together another amazing experience! 

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