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Over 50% Off The Creativity Masterclass: 5 Days In Sweden With 5 Instructors

Over 50% Off The Creativity Masterclass: 5 Days In Sweden With 5 Instructors


In collaboration with Profoto (with more surprises to come!)

* Note - This post has been updated July 9th regarding the giveaway. 

This event is nearly sold out and we realized that there's a lot of people who could really use this opportunity but don't have the budget. So we're offering one spot for over 50% off the original price of 4,000 Euros. You'd have the chance to attend all 5 days for just 1,990 Euros. 

But we want to know why this opportunity is something you'd like to be a part of! Read below and check out what it's about.

If you'd be interested in grabbing the spot, simply fill out the form below!

We'll assist with places to stay in Sweden near the venue as well. If you have any questions, e-mail me at solsticeretouch @ gmail . com (broken up for spammers) 

Name *

Last year, Bella and I were in Sweden speaking for Phase One where we met legends, Andrea and Amanda who were a part of the House of Belluso. Their work, talent, ability, and passion for photography and inspiring others made us realize how similar we were and suddenly, an idea sparked to create a masterclass, fusing all of our talents together in an event that spans the world of fashion, beauty, and fantasy. And we get the bonus of having Viktor there with us as well. Collectively with the five of us, we span across everything from technical skill, creativity, marketing, business, and putting that all together and leveraging it to fulfill your vision and goals. Learn more about all of us here

It's set August 1st through the 5, spanning 5 full days of creativity! 

The backdrop is in beautiful Sweden. Specifically, Sankt Olof, Skåne. The location is around 90 minutes drive from Malmö,  2 hours drive from Copenhagen and 6 hours drive from Hamburg.

As you can see from the photos above, it's a beautiful private venue that has tons of shooting space, and nestled amid a forest of lush inspiring greenery, so exercise the full gamut of the photography we're looking to showcase!

The Point: 
We've been doing events for years, and I personally have seen such a massive growth in creatives who come out of events looking to grow from it. I've seen students who have gone on to have successful careers, found their path from the event, and gotten over hurdles they didn't know how to get over. Also, the long lasting relationship we all form is something that excels their growth. It also gives them ideas that they wouldn't have thought of without being immersed in an experience like this where it's an open-minded platform for exploring one's creative potential! 

Who We're Looking For: 
The best part is that we're purposely seeking out people who really want to be a part of this, so that we know that every student there is someone who is as passionate about this as we are. We want to dedicate our time to putting in our hearts and resources together for people who will appreciate it and take what we teach and grow from it. 


Visit and check out more about the location, who we all are as instructors, the schedule, what you'll learn. And if you have any questions, send us a message as well! 

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