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2019 Travel Schedule

2019 Travel Schedule


Sony Kando
August 11th to the 16th

I’ll be in Sunriver, Oregon on behalf of Phase One taking part in this prestigious event! It’s Sony’s great once-a-year conference where between 200-300 incredible collectives come together to learn and explore.


Portrait Masters - Phoenix
August 31st to the 7th

This will be my second year at the biggest portrait conference of the year! I will be there at the editing booth showcasing some techniques, and demonstrating something brand new :). I will be there along with my wife Bella Kotak as well!

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The Creative Experience - Los Angeles
October 2nd to the 6th

This event provides a 2 or 5 day experience, where 5 instructors come together to share out collective 80 years of experience in the industry in one of the most immersive hands on educational experiences yet. Click on the link and check out the full schedule and what it's about. It's like nothing I've experienced! It goes beyond the technicalities of lighting and gear, but the application of all of that to overcome personal and professional blocks to really experience the full gamut of creativity.

We realized we had the ability to not only teach people everything we knew about photography, lighting, marketing, and business, but we wanted to change the way they thought about themselves, their goals, their personal hurdles, their creative blocks, and everything that is stopping them from getting to the next stage in business and in their creative life. There's also a hands on component where we get to see what you come up with where you have access to an incredible team and all of us as assistants to your vision.

Tulum, Mexico - Retreat / Vacation
October 18th to the 23rd

I will be in Tulum with my wife Bella Kotak and my friends Erika and Jay Coy. We’ll be on vacation but also are looking for great models and industry colleagues to work with! If you’re in the area feel free to send me a message!


Photo Plus - New York
October 24th to the 27th

As we do every year, we’ll be back in NYC for the Photo Plus conference. Honestly, it’s mostly for the after parties and to connect with friends as we run around through the city as we go from event to event and wander around and share experiences together. This is still tentative.


Adobe Max - Los Angeles
November 4 to 6

It will be my first time at Adobe Max! My wife Bella Kotak will be presenting there and I’ll be joining her during her classes and during the evening receptions. I will be there on the evening of the 4th to the end of the 6th!

NEXT Senior Photography Summit
November 3rd and 4th

I’ll be presenting my retouching workflow at the NEXT summit in California right before Adobe Max! I’ll be there with Tina Eisen where she’ll be demonstrating her portrait and beauty work as well!


Costa Rica - Retouching Workshop
November 23rd and 24th

It’ll be my first time in Costa Rica where I’ll be doing a workshop there! It will be my last one of the year. I don’t do workshops as much anymore, so if you are in the area or can fly in, I would highly recommend doing so! We always have the best time and I can’t wait to see all the talented people there!

Creative Meetup in LA at Dream Factory LA Studio

Creative Meetup in LA at Dream Factory LA Studio