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Creative Meetup in LA at Dream Factory LA Studio

Creative Meetup in LA at Dream Factory LA Studio

At the end of February, we had the fortunate experience of coming out to LA to do an event with my friend Tina Eisen! Coming to LA always brings me happiness (sans the traffic). On this trip, I was thrilled to connect with my friend Evan Duning! You see, years ago we came down to LA and out of the blue he messaged me and told me to come visit his space.

My wife, Bella and I, went over and we had the most memorable night. He not only toured us around the space but showed us the complex. It’s full of amazing studios and creatives that produce some next-level art. He took time to hang out and I just remember sharing laughs on rooftops and being so inspired. Evan is such a good representation of the spirit of the creatives in the city (at least the best ones worth knowing.

Evan owns The Dream Factory LA Studio ( and @dfla_studio)

Some of my favorite editorials are shot there and he always stays busy.

So naturally, this time coming to LA, we used their studio for an amazing beauty shoot as well as a meet up in the space! My friend Rick Rose accommodated us after inquiring. I always like to host meet ups and the community in LA is amazing. So naturally we teamed up to provide a really great experience and to finally see everyone again! Evan, Gil, Rick and team went out of their way to accommodate us and I’ll never forget it.

Here are some photos from the beginning of the night. We got so engrossed in conversation that we didn’t get to take shots once it filled up as we wanted to make use of every second with people. :)!

To inquire more about rates and details, contact them via the website, you’ll be thrilled you did! They also have more details about the space too.

Here are some other great photos from the studio as well!

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