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Holiday Retouching Giveaway: 2 Days Of In Person Training

Holiday Retouching Giveaway: 2 Days Of In Person Training

January 3rd Update: 

Thank you to everyone who entered! Here are the results:

Happy Holidays to everyone! 

Retouching is my life and it's something that has just become a part of who I am. For the past 8 years, I've worked on many campaigns and editorial and I've also taught my craft and everything I know about the industry.  

I understand the frustration of wanting to become better at retouching without the means to do so. You may even be decent, but have wondered how much better you can be in order to give yourself and your clients a better product.

I've been there and that is where my passion for educating others stems from. I don't teach because I need to, but because I want to give people the opportunity to learn if they seek the path in order to do so. 

If you do not know of who I am, you can see my work on my website and instagram.

The Giveaway:
This is why this holiday season I am giving away something... my love!

No, actually, I'm giving away 2 FREE days of in-person mentoring. We spend two days together going over my entire workflow, seeing yours, and seeing where you can improve in your workflow. Every problem you have with retouching, I will address it and I will see first hand that your frustrations are dissolved! 

Usually this is a $2,000+ valuation as that is what it regularly costs.
**You will, however, have to cover any travel costs (flight/stay/food).**

Aside from that, you will have my time, attention, and knowledge. 

PLUS, once the two days are over, you will continually have my full attention anytime you have a question. My students get a life-long commitment from me for their betterment in their craft. 

Who can enter? 

Anyone, it doesn't matter where you live. This is a worldwide giveaway. 

How do I enter?

There are TWO THINGS you must do.

1) There is a writing brief. I really am investing in you, so I need you to invest some time and tell me exactly what winning this would mean for you.

Why do you need the education, what will this do for your life, and your work? 

Ultimately, I want to know and understand exactly why you want to receive the education and how you foresee you and your work being better for it?

There is no word limit, but I encourage you to limit the entry between 5 to 7 sentences. 

2) You must also share this post on your Facebook profile/page and tell others you've entered! I want to reach as many people as possible to find the most appropriate candidate in receiving this information. A giveaway like this is only beneficial if we get people who really need to see this to enter. 

Where do I enter? 

Submit your writing brief ONLY in the comment section of the official giveaway post:

Please be sure to only enter your brief in this specific post in the link, not in any other post. That is the official one. *Do not e-mail it to me or post it in any other comment section!* I will be re-posting this often so keep that in mind. 

Deadline: New Years Eve (Central Time Zone) 

How will I pick a winner? 

I will personally pick and decide who I feel will benefit this information the most. It isn't solely based on where they are in their career or how good or bad they already are, but it will be based on many factors. The biggest is determining what exactly why plan to do granted they receive the education. 

When is the winner announced? 

A couple of days after the deadline. I will update this section in time on when the winner will be announced. 

Questions? Use the contact form using the dropdown menu on the top left corner of this page. 

*This giveaway contest is void where prohibited. 

For more information about me and other sources of education, check out our website:

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Instagram at

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