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The Holiday Retouching Giveaway Winner Is...

The Holiday Retouching Giveaway Winner Is...

Right before the holidays, I decided to give away 2 days of personal 1 on 1 training.

The number of entries were absolutely incredible because it really put the humanity behind why we do what we do. It shows the passion we all possess from all over the world. If you don't believe me, you need to read all the entries here: (link). 

It was absolutely difficult in deciding who should ultimately win. Quite frankly, I think everyone should have "won" because every reason was acceptable and worthy. Which is why it has inspired more than ever to keep on creating educational content for people to really benefit from. I want to continue providing an outlet for people to learn, it is why I will continue to teach and educate whenever I can. I will also figure out if there's anything I can do for others
that entered in time collectively! 

However, I did have to pick one person...

And The Winner Is...

Jenn Collins! 

Congratulations Jenn! You won two days of nerding out! 

How I decided: 

Everyone deserve to know why, as they spent time entering.

I asked, "Why do you need the education, what will this do for your life, and your work?" 

I wanted to pick someone who showed me that the information they would receive would ultimately use to benefit their work the most. I studied Jenn's journey over the last three years. From the time she got her grip with her style, to the year she had last year, things have changed a lot for Jenn. Just last year alone, she completed over 100 shoots, and she retouches them all. Not only that, the craziest part is the insane amount of work it escalated to in comparison to the past. 

Even crazier is a recent situation of hers. Jenn is such a thoughtless person that last year or so, she packed up from her home base in LA and moved to San Francisco because her significant other got an opportunity of a lifetime. She travels often back to LA to continue pushing for her dreams. On top of those 100+ shoots that year and all that effort, I know just how hard working she is, but in a way she won't brag about it herself. So I am doing it for her. 

It has been such a fast journey that she hasn't had the time to be properly educated with the most efficient techniques. She mentioned in her entry that she has been learning by just making a lot of mistakes. Basically, stumbling along and making it work. She hasn't had the time for proper education. 

When asked, I found out that most of what she knows has been pieced together from random sources. I even remember her mentioning one of those techniques and I thought, there's no way she's doing that. She also mentions, "I sometimes emotionally/mentally don't feel prepared to approach large clients with the tools I have right now."

With the trajectory Jenn has with her skill set and eye, I feel she would leverage this information and honestly become an icon in the industry.

This will go beyond retouching itself. I will aid in allowing her to have the confidence in taking the next step in approaching huge brands and getting her to where she needs to be. I will guide her in business tactics and marketing ideas that will get her to where she wants to be. I'll analyze other areas within her daily operation and find out where she could be better with her efficiency and overcoming where she may feel she is lacking.

Jenn has showed utmost selfless-ness, an insane work ethic, extreme humble qualities, and level of work that is on the path to being iconic, I feel Jenn would be best suited to receive this time together on this giveaway!

If you know of Jenn, you'll know exactly what I mean. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! 


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