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Retouching Battle: Pratik vs Tina vs Bella

Retouching Battle: Pratik vs Tina vs Bella

Last week, we had a retouching challenge. Tina Eisen was visiting Bella Kotak and myself and we decided to have a retouching challenge on a whim. Since each of us have our own styles, we figured to see what would happen if we each worked on the same image! We may have left a few things here and there but ultimately our styles came through. 

In the process, we recorded the banter (which you can see here). After spending 2 hours talking and retouching, here are the results in no particular order!

The Results Are In! 

With almost a thousand votes, the winner has been crowned! Tina Eisen (Image 2) came in with 45% of the votes, I came in second (Image 3) with 29% of the votes, and Bella came in third (Image 1) with 26% of the votes. 

It was interesting to see the ways we'd all go with the image and we're definitely going to do more retouching throwdowns! 

Workshops and Education

As a side note this collaboration inspired a couple of projects based on your feedback and interest from all the comments!

Beauty Photography and Retouching Workshop
Through this experience, Tina and I have decided to team up and throw a one-day beauty photography and retouching workshop in London on the 20th of May! It will be a limited-seating event. If you'd like to be on the list of people to get first access, send Tina a message at

Advanced Color Toning Tutorial
Also through this experience, Bella has been getting requests to do a color toning tutorial for her amazing color work. For people like myself who always have a hard time understanding how to do intricate color toning, she wanted to create something that allows people to systematically create and apply these advanced tones into their work so we can all have a gameplan and means of execution! If you're interested in the details, be sure and sign up to know more here: 




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Behind The Scenes Video of "The Kiss" + Phase One 100MP Crops

Behind The Scenes Video of "The Kiss" + Phase One 100MP Crops