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Mongolian Eagle Hunters by Sasha Leahovcenco

Mongolian Eagle Hunters by Sasha Leahovcenco

I am proud to showcase recent retouching work I did for photographer Sasha Leahovcenco on his project, "Mongolian Eagle Hunters."

To add to the story of visuals, cinematographer and director Cale Glendening captured the history of the people and why this was so important. It also got Vimeo's Staff Pick and the project has spread all over the web including, SLR Lounge, Fstoppers, Petapixel, Rangefinder Magazine, and more. 


The Story (writtten by Cale):

Konki and his family live near Deluun Village, in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia, where the last six generations of his bloodline have continued the art and tradition of eagle hunting. At the age of 29, Konki has spent 21 of his years herding animals as a way to support his family. After the tragic loss of his father two years ago, Konki felt a call to his father’s passion of eagle hunting. This changed the course of his life, allowing him to connect not only with family he’s lost, but the one he still has. His cousin Onei is teaching him as they travel across the vast, sprawling tundra and majestic mountains of their homeland. He also plans to pass down what he learns to his four-year-old son, Berdibek, who has already taken an interest in the eagles. Konki's new path ensures the continuation of this tradition for both his family and the heritage of his culture. There are few things more beautiful than discovering who you were meant to be by honoring where you’ve come from.


Producer | Director : Cale Glendening Cinematographer : Cale Glendening Editor : Cale Glendening & Chloe McLennan Color : John Carrington Titles : Olaf Blomerus Sound Recording : Max Phillips Voice Over : Odbayar Batchuluun Sound Design & Mix : Defacto Sound Original Score : Tony Anderson Guide and Translator : Jagaa Bulgaa Explore the Great Altai LLC. Special Thanks Cory Tran Sasha Leahovcenco RYOT Cheryl Johnson Byambakhuu Darinchuluun --

The Photos



El Mirage by Ben Sasso

El Mirage by Ben Sasso