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Watch While You Work: Creative Conversations With Andrea and Amanda Belluso

Watch While You Work: Creative Conversations With Andrea and Amanda Belluso

Here’s a story of finding your path through the energy you put out. The backstory to this is just as interesting as the conversation we had the pleasure of taking part in!

In sum, Andrea and Amanda of House of Belluso invited us to be a part of his Creative Conversations series. Whenever you meet other creatives in real life, you always talk about things you wish you could have recorded. Well, that is what this series is about. We ended up talking openly and just recording what came off the top of our minds. I think you’ll enjoy it! We talk about everything including being night owls, to how to take your ideas and put them to work, with lots of laughs in between. 


Bella and I were presenting in Sweden on behalf of Phase One at the Stand Out Photography Forum.

I always like to travel and take part in a range of events because you just never know what you’ll end up coming away with. 

Once Bella and I were done with our bit, we stayed around the venue to help Phase One and have wonderful conversations with other photographers and friends alike. 

As the day was wrapping up, I somehow remember looking up and seeing a face across the room. For some reason I saw someone who was also looking my way as well. I squinted and held my gaze for a moment till he started walking my way. He shook my hand and introduced himself. It ended up being Andrea Belluso, who presented with his lovely wife Amanda! It almost sounds like a bromance (okay it is)! I had seen Andrea’s work everywhere, and his educational videos with Profoto! (His website)

I didn’t get a chance to see him talk but I was happy we had got a chance to meet! After, I told Bella what a great moment that was and then moved on with my day. 

The next day I put some time aside to see Sweden. I remember being in the underground/metro coming from a museum and checking my e-mails. Andrea and Amanda wrote and said they wanted to meet up that evening with Bella and I!

I was pretty surprised because they’re amazing and I’m always honored when someone wants to connect in person and reaches out to me. I honestly thought he was too busy to even consider meeting up later. They put time aside and went out of their way to come to where we stayed. When they came, somehow, it felt like a couple of hours flew by and we realized how similar we all were. It felt like our energies connected us together. We talked about life, work, travel, and ideas. At the end, we had this idea to do this video webinar/podcast where we just chat about the industry, and we’re already talking about doing something open ended and creative together just for the sake of creativity. 

I have found myself to be less connected online recently with work, and going back to social networking in real life. Putting actual social events to network for life and work. It’s nice to know that no matter how you connect with people, people with similar energies always connect to each other and there’s no one way of marketing yourself either! IG and FB is great, but you miss a lot by overseeing everything else too. 

I just felt like sharing this cool little moment! I hope you enjoy the video, and I can’t wait to show you what we come up with!

I Got To Be Featured In A Capture One Video!

I Got To Be Featured In A Capture One Video!

Summer Workshop Schedule: Houston, Denmark, Taiwan, and Sweden

Summer Workshop Schedule: Houston, Denmark, Taiwan, and Sweden