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Bella Kotak And I Are Coming To Creative Live!

Bella Kotak And I Are Coming To Creative Live!

Over the past 3 years, Bella Kotak and I have been creating together. I've played the role of support and retoucher to Bella for her whimsical creations. She's risen extremely high in a short period of time and her work has only escalated.

We've even taught workshops about our process of creating some of her pieces! 

Thanks to our friends over at Creative Live, they've decided to give us the platform in showcasing how we go from conception to post processing in this all-encompassing class on Fine Art Conceptual Photography. 

It will be on May 10th and 11th (9 a.m. to 4p.m. PDT), streaming live for free!
You can RSVP at this link so we know exactly how many people will be tuned in:

I hope to have you tune in from wherever you are! It would be so nice to have your support as you've shared this journey with us. To those of you who we have met and haven't yet, we consider you friends.