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The Obsidian Studios - Hand Painted Customized Backdrops

The Obsidian Studios - Hand Painted Customized Backdrops

I have been working with my friend, Jay Coy, for nearly a year now for my Infinite Color Panel. He has been one of the most reliable and friendly people I can say I know! When he told me he wanted to make a backdrop company, I was hesitant. There are quite a few out there already, how would this one be different?

I'm the type of person that likes to find holes in everything. I couldn't find one here, Jay had done his due diligence. Jay teamed up with his best friend, Derek Soohoo, who is a true fine-artist and sculptor. He isn't just a photographer that paints on the side, he's an actual painter. Even more incredible, he is able to create a variety of styles of art in abstract form which makes him perfect for customized backdrop creation!

Thus, The Obsidian Studios was born. I had the fortunate opportunity to help guide the vision, style, and direction because I knew this formula he had would succeed!

As the company was forming, I began jumping into photography more and my dormant passion became full blown! I was asked by Jay if I would be one of their ambassadors. Of course I jumped on it!. I was excited to be a part of the process and seeing first hand just what Derek could do.

How they Differ

The purpose of the company was hand-crafting each backdrop based on the vision of the photographer. So naturally, I sent over a moodboard filled with previous backdrops and images I liked, but how I wanted it changed. I had a double-sided backdrop made where one side was a darker palette and the other a lighter one.

About the Backdrops

I sent them brush strokes and art styles I liked. The lighter concrete side is one I wanted with different splatters and brush strokes. It reflected a concrete base with various colored splatters to balance the canvas.

The darker canvas was inspired by my favorite movie, The Matrix! I wanted that color palette with the depth of galaxies swirling through the night sky. And again, with smaller splatters for depth and layering.

As you can see, Derek came through and I was AMAZED at the detail. Jay is also someone who is a stickler for the smaller details so everything from packaging, to communication, and shipping is of importance to him.

I was elated! I can't wait to show you what I am about to create with these backdrops with those two at the helm.

Here’s close up detail of the textures and brush strokes.

How they stack up to the competition

Oddly enough, I am friends with the producers of other backdrops as well, and I have love for all of them. I think in this industry, there are so many photographers that I don't consider everyone competition as each company has their own style. But the more quality options there are out there, the better work we can produce and they are worth supporting.

What I love most about Obsidian is the individualized care and the ability to come through with whatever vision you have through Derek's skills as a true artist.

I also love companies who actually care about the community and are integrated in what we do and understand us. Jay is a fine-art photographer and has his hands on the pulse of the industry.

I also help guide the company in their presentation and help with future ideas and I don’t get a penny from it. I am doing it because I actually think these guys have something amazing and what they’ve built is undeniably going to be worth taking note based on what’s to come.

I can't wait to show what I create with these backdrops next!

The small touches

One thing that I liked about the delivery and package was that every person who buys a customized backdrop gets a couple of perks.

The first is an actual picture frame with a part of your backdrop with an obsidian arrowhead!

Also, the first 5 customers will receive a free carry case for their backdrop, which is very handy when taking it on location or to the studio. It does come with the tube it’s packed in but the carry case is way cooler.


If you’d like to follow them, learn more about them, or place an order, you can follow them on these channels:


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