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The 100 Megapixel Journey: A BTS Look At The XF IQ3 100MP

The 100 Megapixel Journey: A BTS Look At The XF IQ3 100MP


Photographer: Jonas Jensen
Hair Stylist: Morten Kongsbak
Makeup: Vivi Soderholm De Bruin / Agentur CPH
Styling: Maria Angelova / Le Management
Model: Sofie Theobald / Le Management
Photo Assistant: Linville Belle
Producer: Alexander Flemming
Director: Tine Thomasen

It was April of this year when I had the most amazing opportunity that I still have a hard time believing happened. It's a dream for any creative to be a part of, and I want to take you through my journey. 

You see, Phase One had their flagship camera, the XF (link). In conjunction, their IQ3 100 Megapixel back is the top of the line. It was one of those toys that I only anticipated getting excited reading about. Kind of like looking at photos of a Ferrari, you don't really expect to drive one! 

Instead of simply showing a few photos, they wanted to show what it was like in action on a real fashion shoot. So they got in touch with me and told me about their idea and if I had anyone in mind that I would recommend being the photographer. They wanted me as the retoucher and on set when it happened.

I picked a few names who I thought would actually make the most out of the camera, and my friend Jonas Jensen became the man for the gig. I mean, just look at his work. And he's a great human being too! 

The details were pulled together really fast and before you know it, I was on my way to Denmark. Fortunately I was in the UK at the time visiting my dear Bella Kotak and Denmark was a hop, skip, and a jump away. 

Alex, the producer for the video, put it all together. 

Before continuing further, here is the video that was made about the day:

Without much explaining, my role was clear. I was the digitech on the job, and vocalizing my observations on set. I was also to be the retoucher. To be honest, it was all obvious to me because I use Capture One every single day and most commercial and editorial clients of mine use it when sending me files too. So it just felt really natural for me. The colors rendered, the detail, ah! 

Through the day, I got to see magic unfold. I was merely an unspoken witness at the time. Fantastic clothes, beautiful styling, pristine makeup. It was like seeing a piece of art unfold in front of you. So many toys abound in the wonderful studio. My own imagination started filling the space. I felt inspired and my job there was to inspire. It felt like wonderland and I was over the moon. 

As we were working, the director and videographer were intricately woven in our moments, flowing through what we were doing and capturing their own magic and making us look good. In some moments, they'd ask us to reiterate and express what we were seeing. Because in moments of doing what we do, we tend to just observe and move on. 

The team in the background sat and ensured it was all moving along without any issues, and their support and belief in me didn't feel like pressure at all, but it felt like family wanting the best out of me as well. 

All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and one I am excited to have been a part of! I hope you enjoyed the video. Here are photos from the shoot I retouched below, along with some more BTS photos! 

The Final Images

More Behind the Scenes

What are you doing down here? Thanks for sticking around! Let me know if you like it and if you think anyone else will, please do share. Because 100 of anything is worth sharing. 


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