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My New Retouching Education Platform - The Retouching Series

My New Retouching Education Platform - The Retouching Series

I am so excited to announce that I just released a new retouching education platform, The Retouching Series!

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I wanted to drastically change up how people learn retouching. It was born from understanding that we all have a lack of time but still want to improve our skills. I spent months listening to YOU, the working photographer and retoucher that is hungry for growth and knowledge. This is my portal to give you what you are looking for. It spans content for beginners to advanced users. Also for $199, people will get continual tutorial updates as that is the current plan. I wanted the value to be undeniable because this is all about learning. It may change and I would recommend taking advantage of that now.

To start with, there’s a fundamentals tab that has 15 videos on the most relevant tools you need to know on retouching. Even if you know how to use them, there’s methods, settings and techniques to maximize the potential of each of them. Next, we have tutorials based on problem areas that are taught in a “straight to the point” way. In minutes you’ll learn how to accomplish what you’re looking to do. Then there’s also full retouches at the end from start to finish. 

Students get to upload their own problem images that I will base future tutorials on! I’ve never made anything this advanced, and it will span all genres of people photography as it grows. There will be techniques you won’t find anywhere else to overcome issues as simply as possible. I believe this will save you time without sacrificing on quality of the results. 

Check out all the gems that make this unique below that might not be as obvious! 

How is this different than anything I've ever done? 

Your Own Personal Instructor
As read above, this platform bridges the gap between student and instructor as you can submit your own requests. You get to dictate what content gets generated, and from the voice of the community, new material is made. There's never been a faster way to teach you personally, as if you have your own private instructor! The cost of a one on one session alone is over $1,000! 

Organized By Topic To Save Time
This is categorized into videos based on problems people face, so you can jump into what you want to learn. You can save so much time and get on with actually practicing. The techniques are the fastest solutions that you can learn that won’t compromise on results. They are also presented in a way that wastes no time. 

Downloadable AND Streaming
You told me it was important to be able to download or stream the content. If you're at home, this makes it quick to jump in. If you're traveling, you can watch each video on the go!

Start to Finish Retouches
At the very end of the curriculum, you’ll see a section called “Full Retouches” where I go through images from start to finish utilizing all the techniques I go over in the topic-based videos before them.

15 Advanced Fundamentals
If you’re just starting from scratch or already experienced, I cover the most important tools in the first module called “Fundamentals”. I’ll show you the best practices in using these tools to get the most out of them. You’ll want to check it because you’ll definitely learn a new trick using them in ways you might not have considered! 

30+ Practice Files!
You get a large amount of high quality practice files from Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze! Honestly, just seeing these unedited files alone is a learning experience on their own! It contains more than anything I’ve ever launched even if they were all added up.

One Price, Continual Tutorials
As you buy this, you get access to future tutorials that are released on a regular basis! The current plan is to roll out new tutorials regularly for the $99 price. That might change in the unforeseeable future, and the price may go up in the future so it's best to get it right now to secure that rate and reap the most benefits.

Submit Your Own Challenges! 
As a student, you get to submit your own images in a way to encourage me in developing new tutorials to tackle common problems. I will be creating them based on how often I see many people facing the same issues. 

Time Saving Actions
You get my updated workflow actions that I have nowhere else. It helps setup your entire retouching workflow without having to remember any complicated settings.

Brand New Techniques
I’ve peppered in techniques I haven’t seen done anywhere else, but also developed my own solutions to ones that I haven’t seen exist just yet that I will be sharing as future tutorials start releasing!

Years of Information, In One Convenient Place
I have spent the better portion of the last 20 years learning Photoshop. I can only imagine how exhausting and daunting it is for people to piece together information from other sources. I'm also impatient, so I want to learn something without sifting through fluff.  I have put years of knowledge into one place so you can learn as fast as possible. 

The result is a platform driven by you, continuously growing, and insanely cheap for everything offered. 

And it's on sale now for a limited time to celebrate our launch!

A huge thank you to Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze for letting me use their images during the series of the initial images!

Watch it here:

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